Many years experience in graphic design and marketing fields.​ Also multiple years experience in digital photography.

Past job roles have included:

A designer, within a design and development enviroment. Studio photography for La-Z-Boy furniture, and a designer and layout expert for several newspapers.


From 2010 to 2020 worked within the music industry in Nashville, providing services of photography, graphic design, web design and social media management.

John volunteered for The "Nashville Spotlight" T.V. Show, Nashville, TN, 2010 - 2019. He was the official photographer, graphic designer, and social media manager. The T.V. show, that showcased, up-and-coming youth/teen singers, aired on a local channel (filming over 300 shows).

John was also a contributing photographer, designer and Writer (Nashville Office) for "Country Stars Central", online country music magazine, 2011 - 2017.


Recently graduated with honors  (Associate of Applied Science, Magna Cum Laude) in Entertainment Media Production.

From Fall 2021 - Fall 2022 he will be pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic Communication: Social Media Management.